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Scoop! Previously Unseen, Unpublished Sensation Stuff!

Posted Friday, September 21, 2012

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Previously Unseen, Unpublished SENSATIONAL STUFF!

The Adventures of Harry the Hippie

(Now available at Amazon & Amazon Kindle)


The Sacred Dance of the Chameleon


The Adventures of Harry the Hippie - `a tale plucked from antiquity, like a Roman chicken feather’ is a first novel from author Tom Bates.

Set in the antiquity of the late 1970’s, the story is told mainly in Spain (where the rain falls mainly on the plain) and follows the adventures of Harry the Hippie from Aberdeen to a boutique in Carnaby Street, and thence to the Costa del Sol, Lisbon, Morocco, Antibes, Monaco, and finally to Tenerife.

Along the way Harry and his girlfriend Bag (Hilary Bagshott) are kidnapped and press-ganged into the services of international drug-smuggler, Count Otto von Schpliff. In Fuengirola Harry meets bar-owner Sandy McPorridge, and DEA agent Commander James Bomb, and a fiendish plot begins to stir. In Morocco Harry falls foul of Mukka al Habib, the Mad Mullah of Marrakkesh after inadvertently poisoning his favourite racing camel, Clarissa, and escapes, aided by von Schpliff to Tangier. Here he meets Lady Carolina Moon, wife of Sir James Cole-Black, owner of the Black Panther Racing team, and his son and number one Formula One driver, Jet Black. He also meets Jet’s co-driver, Mike Hunt and his girlfriend Rosetta Stone, and von Schpliff’s sister, Anna Reksic. Together with such characters as IRA Mafiosa Boss, Shay Begorrah and Moo Hammered, leader of the Warriors of Islam, they conspire together to smuggle fifty tons of best Moroccan weed from North Africa to Europe in a re-fitted and re-named trawler called the Moroccan Bud.


The Sacred Dance of the Chameleon- `Undoubtedly the best autobiography ever written- by Tom Bates…or Neil Atkin…or Reb Lee…or whoever he is; unabridged; unpublished; an unadulterated and unlikely tale told with candour by the Master of Autobiography himself, about himself, written in the fifth person singular.

`Unputdownable’ claims International poet Reb Lee, adding: `Tom super-glued it to my hands….

`Three quarters of a century of calamity condensed into a mere 510 pages, a bargain at any price!’

`A cock crowing proudly atop his own dunghill......'

`a plaintive lone voice crying in the wilderness, from the height of mediocrity to the depths of infamy - brilliant!'

You can read the opening chapter of each of these new publications on this web-site, and order the following chapters by simply contacting Tom at

Happy reading!

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